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Counsel Direct has a strong track record of helping clients solve business, professional, and individual challenges.  When it comes to litigation, we determine our clients’ needs and address them head-on.  Simply put, we are committed to the standard of excellence in client service that defines everything we do at Counsel Direct.

Our approach in assisting business or individual clients is to work with the client in determining the appropriate response to each unique situation. Sometimes a company concludes that its priority is protecting its public reputation. Sometimes an individual has been badly hurt and seeks its “day in court.”

In concert with our outside partners, we take a practical approach, and – when possible – seek to meet the client’s objective’s through early settlements, negotiation or arbitration. In other instances, the best option is to take a case to trial. The only “right answer” is to set a clear objective and then develop an aggressive strategy to reach that objective.

Business Litigation

We understand the impact that litigation can have on a company and we are committed to working with our clients to avoid litigation wherever possible.  We draw upon our collective experience as counselors with substantive knowledge in a wide range of practice areas, as well as our extensive experience representing clients in mediation, arbitration, and other dispute resolution proceedings. When litigation is unavoidable, however, we move quickly and effectively to contain the risk and minimize the impact of litigation on the business operations of our clients. We pride ourselves on our experience.

In business litigation, we advise and help clients with:

  • breach of contract
  • business fraud
  • breaches of fiduciary duty
  • corporate disputes generally
  • partnership and LLC disputes
  • theft of corporate opportunity
  • trade secret misappropriation
  • unfair competition
  • licensing disputes
  • vendor disputes
  • executive disputes
  • employment disputes
  • contractor disputes
  • incidental collection items
  • commercial disputes generally
  • business torts and defamation

Types of Business and Commercial Situations to Discuss with Us

You might wish to confer with us about litigation if you face one of these situations:

  • Someone has breached an obligation or duty owed to you or your company under a contract or in a business relationship, causing harm to you or your firm.
  • Someone has engaged in fraud to induce you into entering an ill-advised contract or unfair business relationship, causing harm to you or your company.
  • You or your company seeks to be excused from an agreement or business relationship, or you wish to have its terms and conditions modified.
  • You have been sued or threatened with a lawsuit.
  • You seek to avoid litigation, but find yourself involved in an unfolding controversy over a contract, business arrangement or real estate transaction.
  • You are having a dispute with a business partner or company that you own stock in, and there are significant monetary or other rights at stake.

Class Actions

We represent clients both in the defense and prosecution of class action lawsuits.

Cost Conscious Approach

We understand that litigation can be a costly endeavor that may not always make financial sense. When litigation is appropriate, the firm seeks to provide clients with aggressive, cost-effective, and successful case management through:

  • Early analysis of needs and objectives
  • Creative alternative billing arrangements
  • Hourly rates that compete favorably against those of comparable law firms.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Because of the costs and delays often inherent in our litigation processes, means of resolving disputes other than by traditional litigation have become increasingly important. Such processes are referred to as Alternative Dispute Resolution or “ADR.”

Counsel Direct can assist clients and disputants in narrowing or preventing their disputes, resolving their disputes, and deciding whether a dispute is more appropriate for litigation or for some form of ADR.

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